Ovation Development Corporation is a general contractor and real estate development company that designs and builds Class A apartment communities
in metropolitan Las Vegas. Since its founding in 1984 by Alan Molasky, the company has built 33 apartment communities and currently has two under construction. The 33 projects consist of 8,340 units valued in excess of $1 billion.

Our company is part of the Molasky Family. Ovation has been in business for nearly twenty years, successfully building thirty-three apartment communities, and is on track to complete three more by the end of this fiscal year. The 33 projects consist of 8,340 units and are valued at more than $1 billion.

Since 1951, The Molasky Group of Companies has designed and developed properties in all aspects of the real estate industry, spanning office, commercial, residential, multi-family, retail, healthcare, aviation, law-enforcement and correctional properties.  The company proudly designs, develops and constructs modern, secure, and environmentally friendly office facilities for our nation’s top law enforcement agency—the Federal Bureau of Investigation with awards from the GSA for the construction of 5 new FBI Offices across the country. The Molasky Group is currently developing three multi-family residential projects in Portland, Oregon, two large multi-use projects in Seattle Washington, and a multi-use mid-rise near Los Angeles in the heart of Glendale, California.